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brandenburg mp3 Download
"Brandenburg - #3-1"
mp3 - 6.7 MB
Bach's Brandenburg #3 1st Movement :5:52
Electric guitar (Stratocaster) and sampled strings. Lowe performed this piece with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra Strings on August 5 2005 at the Lyric theatre in Assinaboine Park. It's a lot of fun with a real orchestra!
marriage of figaro mp3 Download
"Marriage of Figaro"
mp3 - 1.57 MB
Mozart's Figaro Overture :1:57
Lowe on electric guitars and bass, Ron Paley on Hammond Organ and Daneil Roy on drums. Recorded by CBC radio for Mozart's 250th birthday. Other pieces recorded for this session featured singer Tracy Dahl, Monica Huisman and Ted Longbottom. Please contact CBC to request these pieces be broadcast on your favorite regional or national program. Produced by Joe Fingerote. Recorded by Marc Demares. (sample available with permission of the artists and CBC).
sound effect mp3 Download
Copenhagen "Sound Effect"
mp3 - 480 KB
Sound Effect : 41 seconds
Prairie Theatre Exchange's production of Michael Frayn's play about two physicists involved in the race to build the bomb during the second world war. Directed by Bob Metcalfe.
great expectations mp3 Download
"Great Expectations" Theme
mp3 - 5 MB
"Great Expectations" Theme :0:41
This is a music cue from the Prairie Theater Exchange's adaption of the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations. Dave Lawton whistles the intro on this cue based on a Scarletti theme.
the garden mp3 Download
"The Garden"
mp3 - 2.83 MB
The Garden : 2:28
Choreographer Tom Stroud's contemporary dance work The Garden (based on Hamlet).
bumble beez mp3 Download
"Bumble Beez"
mp3 - 3.8 MB
Bumble Beez (Lowe Arrangement) : 3:18
The Glenn Buhr Quartet live at the Academy Coffee Company. Glenn Byhr piano, Richard Moody viola, Gilles Fournier bass, Greg Lowe guitar. For more info on CDs and booking contact Glenn Buhr at
bumble beez mp3 Download
mp3 - 3.4 MB
Montreal : 2:57
The Ministers of Cool are Gerry Atwell keyboards vocals, Leonard Shaw keys sax vocals, Daniel Roy drums vocals, Don Benedictson bass vocals and G Lowe on guitar and vocals. Check out Gotta Get this Place in the Video Gallery, and visit them at
walking mp3 Download
"Walking on Water"
mp3 - 2.5 MB
"Walking on Water" :1:50
This is the opening cue of the Prairie Theater Exchange's 2000 production of "Walking On Water" by Dave Carley. Directed by Allen MacInnis, each of the thirteen cast members had an instrument assigned to their character. The music texture changes as the characters move through each others lives in this murder mystery. Recorded with AKAI S1000 samplers and DR16.
rosies mp3 Download
"Rosies of the North"
mp3 - 1.2 MB
"Rosies of the North" :1:04
NFB documentary about women who built fighter planes in the second world war. Written and directed by Kelly Saxberg. Produced by Joe Macdonald.
spas mp3 Download
"World's Greatest Spas" Theme
mp3 - 652 KB
"World's Greatest Spas" Theme :20 seconds
This theme was composed and produced for the television series "World's Greatest Spas". (Credo Entertainment Inc) It is being broadcast in over ten countries including USA, Latin America, Japan, Singapore, UK, and Canada. Some countries have retitled the series Spa Trek / Healthy Retreats.
midnight mp3 Download
"It came Upon a Midnight Clear"
mp3 - 3.1 MB
Christmas download-
"Midnight Clear": 2:17

Rapper Gerry Atwell is Santa Claus in this Christmas extravaganza featuring Regina's Jack Semple as Rudolph singing "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear", with Greg Lowe as the reindeer backup chorus and Walle Larsson on elfish saxophone.

Produced in Santa's workshop by Greg Lowe.

Merry Christmas!